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Maison Decision House (MDH)  is a non-profit organisation founded in 1979. It provides a community-based residential and treatment program for adult male offenders, regardless of race or religion, who are returning to the community as part of their release process. MDH has helped over a thousand individuals make the transition into the community by providing shelter, guidance and counselling.

Administered by a board of directors, MDH has a staff of professional therapists, criminologists and counsellors. The facility is a large three-story house with two outer buildings serving as a program centre. The house can accomodate up to fourteen residents. It is located in the Hintonburg district of central Ottawa with easy access to public transport.

MDH operates with a general treatment philosophy based on the social learning model: addiction is considered a learned behaviour that can be "unlearned" throught the development of new thinking and coping skills. The treatment program provides addiction intervention to clients who are experiencing alcohol and/or drug abuse problems and is tailored to the individual as well as to specific treatment goals.